Whole-Hearted Restoration of Wellness

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A quick guide through key rehabilitation strategies that you and your family can use to get the best recovery possible after a life-changing medical event from an experienced occupational therapist.

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The Course

This online course takes you through common consequences of medical events, provides education about key rehabilitation topics, and gives you strategies you and your family can implement to improve your rehabilitation outcomes.

Tasks and Exercises 
You can complete the exercises within the book to help you understand and implement what you learned in the book and video course to maximise your rehabilitation potential.
Online Course
Whole Support Services Online Course “Wholehearted Restoration of Wellness” includes a complimentary book.
About the Author
Kerry Thornton has been an Occupational Therapist since 2002. She has spent her career working primarily with people who have neurological conditions in the UK and New Zealand. She has worked in all aspects of the rehabilitation journey from acute services, rehabilitation centres and in the community, including vocational services. She completed her undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy at Oxford Brookes University in the UK and her Master of Health Sciences (Rehabilitation Endorsement) through the Wellington Medical School of Otago University. She set up Whole Support Services to support people in their wellness plans to build fulfilling lives after significant life-changing events.
This course/book is for information purposes only. The methods employed by Whole Support Services / Occupational Therapists do not guarantee results. Medical conditions are complex and require a multifactorial approach. Diagnosis, medical treatment and cure, mitigation, or prevention of any type of disease or medical condition are not within the occupational therapy remit. Consultation with medical professionals is strongly recommended at all stages of your engagement with your occupational therapist. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please, call your emergency number, or your medical professional.