Equipment Provison

Nowadays, there are so many innovative items (just check out our shop) that will make massive improvements to your daily life for reasonable prices yet they aren’t available through government funding – or you don’t meet criteria. Whole Support Services will help you find the best items to meet your needs. You can buy some items directly off our shop but for big ticket or complex items it will be beneficial to have an equipment assessment that will look at all changes that can be made to improve how you complete daily tasks and ensure you purchase only the most appropriate items.

The benefits of using Whole Support Services to assist your equipment purchases include:

  • An efficient service that brings you only the most suitable options on the market that will meet your needs now and in the long-term in the most cost-effective manner.
  • You receive practical items that save your time and energy whilst looking sleek and suiting your home décor. People that don’t need to use them will want to use them because they are so innovative.
  • Equipment training will ensure that you get the confidence and independence to use your items to their full capacity.

The assessment has two independent parts. The first part is the assessment and purchase and the second part is training. Having the first part does not commit you to proceed with the second part. Ongoing reviews are also available if you have a degenerative condition and your needs may change.

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