Vocational Services and Corporate Wellness

Financial stress is often one of the primary reasons that a family breaks apart after a significant medical condition.

Depending upon your family’s situation the coaching is tailored to help you in your specific situation.

Vocational Services

Vocational Services are for people who want to acquire, maintain or regain their place in the workforce or improve their general financial awareness in light of losing income due to a significant medical situation.

Package benefits

Assessment of your functional needs and recommendations relevant to the specific vocational service chosen and ensure you achieve your vocational goals.

the process

An employer or the employee can instigate the intervention.

The assessment has two independent parts. The first part is the assessment and the second part is the intervention. Completing Part One doesn’t compel you to proceed to Part Two. A minimum of 3 months commitment is required for Part Two to give the process a chance to work.   

  • Packages are composed of the elements relevant to your situation and the investment required reflects that.
  • There is a price bonus for people who proceed from part one to part two. The value from the results always exceeds the cost of investment.
  • Payment plans are available.

Corporate Wellness

Whole Support Services works with employers who want to improve their services for people with illnesses, injuries or disabilities. We help them achieve total inclusivity in their environment for a culture of excellent productivity.

Corporate wellness is vital for business success. If an employee is off work then the whole company suffers from their absence. Whole Support Services can assist a company to accommodate ill, disabled or injured workers and modify roles for short term or long-term requirements through the vocational services listed aboveThey can also provide talks, workshops and programs to employees about health and wellness topics.

Well-being package

A 6-week course about building resilience and managing health.

For those who are not yet seeing any health issues topics can include stress management, self-mastery – getting the best out of themselves in life and work, future-proofing their health and working with (difficult) others. For those who are managing chronic conditions in the workplace topics include self-management, staying at work despite adversity, resilience and mental health support.

This is different from the Health and safety regulations that dictate the employers need to ensure that employees are protected from coming to harm via disease, pain, discomfort or injury at work. Please call to discuss if there is a particular type of health and wellness related education you would like your employees to have. 

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