Wheelchair Services

This is for people who don’t meet the criteria for government funding, want something else beyond their funded wheelchair, or can’t afford to wait.

Looking for a Wheelchair?



While everyone is entitled to request a government-funded wheelchair assessment there are eligibility criteria (ACC or MOH) and long waiting lists. Whilst you are without a suitable way to mobilise your ability to participate in everyday life may be significantly impacted.   

It Doesn't Have to Be Like This
Whole Support Services Can Assist You to Find the Right Solution.

If you fall outside the criteria then you can look at private purchases of wheelchairs and seating to help you regain your involvement and quality of life.

Package Benefits
wheelchair therapist

The benefits of using Whole Support Services to assist your wheelchair purchase include:

  • An efficient service that cuts through all the options on the market to present only those that will meet your needs in the most cost-effective manner.
  • You get a well fitted, comfortable chair and seating system that will improve your mobility in the environments that matter to you and prevent pressure sores and postural deformities developing.
  • Wheelchair training will ensure that you get the confidence and independence to use your wheelchair to its full capacity.
the process

The assessment has three independent parts. The first part is the assessment, the second part is the trials and purchase and the third part is training.

*Completing Part One does not compel you to proceed to Part Two or Part three.

Ongoing reviews are also available if you have a degenerative condition and your needs may change.


·   Packages are composed of the elements relevant to your situation and the investment required reflects that.

·  There is a price bonus for people who proceed from part one to part two. The value from the results always exceeds the cost of investment.

·    Payment plans are available.

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